Caroline Hepburne-Scott - introduction

Caroline Hepburne-Scott is a contemporary Scottish artist now living and working in Vancouver, Canada. She draws her inspiration from the natural world and countryside she grew up in and has encountered through living and travelling in areas which contrast with her Scottish roots.

Now specialising in wildlife and botanical drawings, portraits and landscape painting, drawing has always been the foundation and strength behind her work. While studying at the Edinburgh College of Art (BA Hons, Painting, 2005) Caroline worked with mixed media, using abstract touches from the environment to create feelings of atmosphere and setting in her work.

While completing a Post Graduate diploma at The Cyprus College of Art Caroline moved towards a more naturalistic tradition, turning her focus towards botanical, animal and landscape studies. Travel in Australia, New Zealand and more recently much of Latin America have through their contrasting light, landscape and cultures, informed and challenged her practice to develop.

“Drawing is still very much the basis for my work, from where all else develops. The most important factors for me are the use of line and mark making, combined with strong form and an instinctive use of space. The beauty of the natural world, animals and plant life offer endless inspiration.”